Natural Home Remedies To Cure Diabetes

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Conversion of sugar into heat and energy.The major problem with diabetes pertains to the gland known as the pancreas, which in so called diabetics doesn't secrete insulin. This is a hormone secreted into the blood along with digestive enzymes which regulates blood sugar levels and aids in digestion.All internal glands that are actually secretory (function of secreting) in nature have a duct. That duct in so called diabetics is clogged! Why? Due to the hardened mucus around it! The pancreatic duct is covered with dried as well as hardened boogers (mucus) that prevents secretion of insulin. So-called diabetics are eating things with sugar (unnatural, man made high sugar to be specific) or things which break down into sugar (i.e. complex carbohydrates). Since the pancreas struggles to secrete insulin directly into the blood stream to control the sugars in the blood and it's also not able to convert the sugar into electricity, the blood sugar levels go really high as well as the unconverted/unburned sugar changes into FAT. This points out the obesity component of diabetes. What medical doctor with an university degree might or even will elucidate diabetic issues to the degree as defined above? The word doctor derives from the Latin word docçre which means to teach.Most health physicians won't ever instruct you what causes your health difficulty or maybe pathology and the way to fix it for fear of losing a good-paying client. Simply because the so called diabetic cannot convert sugar to energy, they change the sugar into fat causing obesity. This is connected to a nonfunctioning colon that's compressed with excessive fecal material as well as waste that triggers the colon to protrude, even to the use of natural news diabetes cure currently pressing against the today nonfunctioning pancreas. The issue is now exacerbated.In inclusion, extra fat within the body significantly hampers physical circulation, which explains why so called diabetics have very poor blood circulation. The condition of poor blood circulation prevents blood, oxygen, and minerals from circulating across the body, chiefly to the extremities (hands and feet), particularly in the foot, that causes the legs of so called diabetics to turn gangrene blue. And what exactly does your beloved and entrusted doctor do for the very poor circulation? He/she prescribes pharmaceutical grade medications! And what do these drugs do? They make the body MORE acidic than it already is. These pharmaceutical drugs, especially the artificial insulin these physicians prescribe, greatly inhibit circulation, even to the point of thinning the blood (i.e. the drug Coumadin) causing a STROKE!I know what I am talking about People as I have dealt with a lot of so called diabetics so when they began dealing with me, their situation gained a lot more efficiently as well as the majority of them got off of drugs completely and altogether healing from diabetes in a question of weeks. Indeed, in my opinion, it is that simple! Diabetic issues is very easy to heal. Any ailment is easy to heal if you find out what the cause of the ailment is.

When a so called diabetic's circulation is cut-off to the legs and feet as well as the legs turn bloated blue, just what does the physician recommend for this scenario? AMPUTATION! Amputate. n. To cut off (a part of the body), esp. by surgery.