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Just the same difference as the current one to one with the original leather bags. Super A-class quality bag,for those people who is not very professional,can not see what is the difference.

Later, A level goods has gradually withdrawn from the physical store market, because the price is only about 120USD in general, far less than the official website price of one or two thousand dollars.

Of course, A level bags also has big demand, in many places can buy, Especially online handbags store. In here we can offer you the wholesale price.

The third one: the most expensive but best quality,usually called one to one quality,high quality copy bags designer handbags,and its price introduction, for example: Hermes Replica handbags michael kors Replica handbags .

With the development of the industry, later our production technology improved, with the original capital accumulation, but also have money to buy computer for patternmaking, the production of all models are based on computer patternmaking skills,also there are more and more skilled staff.

Of course, the main reason is that the world market demand soared, the customer's product requirements also increased, and many people have disdain A level goods, then the pursuit of higher simulation, which produced a one to one Grade products.

One to one grade, in short, is: plate type, do not compare with the authentic physical goods, do not see the difference , size, shape, three-dimensional, color difference is almost the same.the materials, authentic is Cowhide leather, we use the same leather material, sheepskin,we also used the sheepskin, what is the shape of the hardware, what is the logo are all based on genuine .

Original leather: on the basis of one to one grade, improving the quality of materials, but the pattern version is basically the same type as the one to one grade.

Just take LV for example, one to one grade the large bags price is around 200USD or so, the original leather price is around 300USD, the original leather is the yellow, color leather, one to one grade is the white, do not change color, or lighter color.

Also known as the top grade goods , the word is popular in recent years, mainly for high-end customers.

The top grade goods requirements: This imitation bags is so well that it can be passed for genuine one, at present, almost all of the top grade goods are the original model production (original model: after designer handbags wholesale buying the original bags,Dismantling, according to genuine bags,conduct the production) the price of the top grade goods: according to style, but mostly the ex-factory price will not be less than 400 USD.

Finally, the simulation degree has a great relationship with the brand.LV is the first one enter into our luxury brand, imitation has more than 20 years of history, so LV is the highest simulation degree of all imitation bag,a lot of A level goods in the pattern version is also highly similarity.

Prada and coach,there have the domestic processing plants, many new models can be learned by peers, leather hardware, but also has long-term cooperated suppliers, whether it is leather feel or gloss can be comparable with genuine, so the simulation degree Can be ranked as second.